Welcome to 2024. We start with a series on the Goldsky Ponzi Scheme, one of the more brazen frauds in Australian history. Many people say they are ‘experts’ on this case, but let’s get the story from the man who had to unpick it in Episode 70

In this mini-series: we will follow the trail of Kenneth Grace, the mastermind(?) behind Goldsky. Grace contrived to be named hedge fund manager of the year and swindled millions from unsuspecting investors.

Chris Baskerville and his team were appointed to recover the money that they could and unravel the web of lies. Chris will share his insights and anecdotes on how he pursued Grace’s falsehoods across the globe, from Singapore to the US, exposing his deception.

While this is a serious topic, we hope you will find this series entertaining and informative as we explore the anatomy of a Ponzi scheme and the lessons we can learn from it.

In this episode Chris gives us some background to Kenneth Grace. Who was he, and how did he become a fraudster?

And stay tuned for the next episode (71), where we will dive deeper into the details of Goldsky and its operations.

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