Ginette Muller - Safe Harbour & Small Business Restructuring Specialist & Public Accountant
Bill Cotter - Registered Liquidator, Trustee in Bankruptcy & Chartered Accountant
Chris Baskerville - Registered Liquidator, Trustee in Bankruptcy & Chartered Accountant
Roland Robson - Registered Liquidator, Trustee in Bankruptcy & Certified Chartered Accountant
Stephen James - Registered Liquidator & Chartered Accountant
Melissa Lau - Certified Practicing Accountant, Registered Liquidator & Forensic Accounting Specialist
John Morgan - Registered Liquidator & Chartered Accountant
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The Independent Insolvency Panel

Director struggling with debt? Creditor owed money? Professional whose clients need advice? Wondering about the next move?

Independent advice is essential now. You need the Insolve Panel. Why?  Because panelists are senior members of separate, specialist firms that typically don’t take appointments from the big banks or one or two major creditors.

Find out how Insolve delivers • Transparency • Fairness • Cost-effectiveness for a better outcome for you.

The Insolve Panel

Liquidation is Not Inevitable

Insolve is not trying to trap you by offering what looks like a cheap liquidation. Our aim is to find the best possible solution for you while minimising the collateral damage so you can move ahead and create a positive future for yourself and your loved ones. Insolve is the independent panel of liquidators acting as advisors and appointees. We are experts in liquidation, bankruptcy and insolvency, specialising in helping small to medium business.

Fees are Competitive

Our costs are lower. How? While panel members deliver service to businesses large and small, they don’t have the overheads of the big international firms.

Fairness and Transparency are Guaranteed

Many insolvency professionals might think they can manage the conflicts of interest that come up when a business fails. Easier said than done if they work for a bank or a large corporation with an interest in the outcome, or they accept work from the failed business’s lawyer.

Insolve helps solve conflict of interest

The Insolve Panel’s independence means these conflicts simply don’t arise. Insolve members are equally qualified and experienced but as a member of the independent insolvency panel they meet certain criteria:

  • They work for a separate firm.
  • They don’t take work from the big banks or one or two major creditors.
  • They typically work in firms independent of the majors.
  • It’s much easier for panellists to manage the rights of multiple stakeholders using the Insolve structure.

James Flaherty

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