Season 1 focuses on/began in 2020 when COVID19 was beginning to impact ...
Season 2 begins with the issues around Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur
Season 1 focuses on/began in 2020 when COVID19 was beginning to impact ...

Early Episodes

Episode 1

Episode 2

Where's decent business advice (without the mega free con job?

Episode 3

A business without a plan is Sawdust

Episode 4

Failure is an option!

Episode 5

What sort of phoenix is it?

Episode 6

Start your startup right

Episode 7

Got into a business? Why and how to get organised on the go

Episode 8

Having tough conversations

Episode 9

Finding your business soulmate

Episode 10

Just one thing - the high cost of hubris

Episode 11

You can't touch this one thing

Episode 12

Just bad luck and thinking about Plan B

Episode 13

Just the one thing. Knowing when to cash out or walk away

Episode 14

Just snatching defeat from the jaws of victory

Episode 15

You cannot stand still in business - but which way do you go?

Episode 16

It's all about the people

Episode 17

If it looks like a duck

Episode 18

Summer Series 1 - Zombies and Survival in a Covid

Episode 19

Summer Series 2 - What to do when things are

Episode 20

Animals, Children and Family

Episode 21

Timing and a series of unfortunate events

Episode 23

There is never a victimless crime - one that got away

Episode 24

The Jackass

Episode 25

When good guys go bad (or behave that way)

Episode 26

The Ratbag

Episode 27

Bumper episode - The Liquidator who sacked him

Episode 28

The value of a good valuer

Latest Episodes

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