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Where are the risks? And beware Credit Risk in SBR

Chris Baskerville and Patrick Coghlan meet up again to share a wide range of issues with James Flaherty in this vodcast: This time is all about the trade-off. The risk you take in extending credit, or not paying tax or operating in a risky region or industry. What does all that mean? Creditor watch has

Business Risk. Diversity. And can Chris Baskerville predict the future?

Chris Baskerville and Patrick Coghlan share a wide range of issues with James Flaherty in this vodcast: We started on equal opportunity on #internationalwomensday2023 Women’s Day, Sexually Transmitted #Debt, though to the risks coming from the ‘Great Unfix’ as fixed mortgage rates come off homes this year. We hear more about the Business Risk Index

Fifty Eps of TSOTB!

Fifty Episodes of The Sounds of The Baskerville – Vodcast

Each week Chris Baskerville shares insights into how business crises can come about and how insolvency might have been avoided. Essential listen, cautionary takes, and some amazing takes, just another day in the life of an insolvency practitioner. Business Owners and their advisors. What do we know?

John Shanahan

Life After Bankruptcy

We filmed this with John Shanahan before all hell – and COVID-19 – broke loose. John’s wise words of advice about ‘life after bankruptcy’ are now more useful than ever

Helping Professionals Keep Their Clients

Sometimes you wonder, if you refer a good client to the ‘top end of town’ will I ever see them again? Here’s why you can trust Insolve members to refer them back

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